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Krati Paliwal
“When you don’t have any wanderlust in you and then you find the beautifully written post, which really makes you fall in love with traveling, thank you so much for sharing.” ~ Krati Paliwal



IMG-20180905-WA0008“Tour and Travel is something which attracts people so much and the way you have presented the facts is so inspiring that I feel like I should pack my bags and go on a trip, keep writing about such beautiful places so that we already know our next travel destination. Kudos!” ~ Parmeet Suri



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“All the links are informative and very helpful. They have been described beautifully in a simple, and crisp way. Keep sharing more articles and enriching our knowledge with your astounding experiences.” ~ Garima Katyal


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“I have gone through all your links, they are perfectly written!” ~ Komal Rajput