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What Colors say about your Personality


Colors make our life more vibrant. There are so many beautiful colors and every color has something to tell about. Let us find out: what colors say about your personality.

Most commonly, people have one or more favorite colors during any period of time. And if not considered as favorite, they generally prefer some specific colors over others. In addition to many other things, those colors can reflect some qualities of your personality.

Different colors produce different sensations to our eyes. It is not necessary that you possess your dearest colors in your attires, home space, work area, etc.; but still, it can significantly appeal to your eyes.

Also, these preferences change over a period of time. It is possible that you have different favorite color in your childhood, and switch to the other one at any later stage of life. You believe it or not, but color psychology really works. That’s why various industries use specific color combinations for their logos, outfits, etc.

Here we will focus only on the impact of colors on someone’s personality. So that we can know ourselves little better, and use individual colors to refine our own identity. Possibly, our qualities can resemble with more than one color.

Though there are numerous colors, but only some common colors are discussed here (The information given below is based on a general view point and not on any specific research).

undefined Black

Black is the color of power, authority and solemnity. If your favorite color is black, it means you are conventional, genuine and seek control in your life. You are artistic and nostalgic too at times.

Generally, people who tend to like black are mysterious. In other words, they are not introverts but don’t like to share too much details about themselves. They prefer to maintain a fine line between their private life and the rest of the world.

undefined Gray

If you select gray (spelled as grey also) as your favorite color, then you are trustworthy, careful, cool and composed personality. You value good manners and etiquette. People see you as a balanced and stable person. You often play role as a peacemaker, because of your naturally fair and objective traits.

undefined White

Those who are white lovers, are tend to be more organized and independent by nature. They are logical too. Usually, they value order and don’t like too much clutter in their lives. Can say, they have a very refined taste, sense of control and naturally reserved nature. They expect high for themselves as well as others and so, often face disappointments.

undefined Blue

Be it men or women, blue is the top most favorite color for majority of the sections. Liking towards this color shows that you are friendly, creative, reliable, sensitive and always make an effort to ponder about others. You are loyal as a friend, and also value friends and family in your life.

You like to find inner peace; and lead a stable and sober life. Blue color evokes serenity, calmness and focus.

undefined Green

Selecting green as your special color represents that you are frank, generous, practical and socially responsible. You consider your reputation a very important part of your life. You are environmentally aware and have a special connection with nature.

In short, you are a true nature lover. Furthermore, you prioritize and delegate very effectively.

undefined Yellow

You are cheerful, thoughtful and imaginative, if you like yellow more than other colors. Being optimistic is your main quality. People see you as a happy person. You take pleasure in learning and sharing knowledge with others. You are spontaneous and desire admiration.

undefined Orange

Orange loving people are no doubt a socializer. They love to meet people and be with them. They tend to live in the present moment and somehow influence other people. Good nature, ambitious, assertive and hopeful are some of their qualities. Besides, they are also a team builder and problem solver at heart.

undefined Pink

If you adore pink among so many different colors, then you are compassionate, warm, humorous and lovable. You value unconditional love and like to be accepted by others for who you are. You are an easy going and soothing personality. In addition, you are very caring and sweet too.

undefined Red

Red is the color of energy. People who pick red as their color are confident, passionate, determined and courageous. They are spontaneous and outgoing. They don’t hesitate to express themselves and live life to its fullest.

Also, red represents power and strength. This color grabs attention very easily.

undefined Brown

Adopting brown as your color signifies that you are dependable, reliable, genuine and very steady. You always love to spend a simple life with your loved ones. Moreover, you are transparent with your intentions and favor truth. Success comes with solid foundation is your mantra. Irrespective of the speed, either you do something or not at all.

undefined Purple

Being understanding and artistic is natural, if you like purple color. Your biggest asset is your intuition and it proves to be right more often than not. You like to be unique and always try to stand out. You help others in case of need.

Purple color evokes spiritual awareness and meditation. This color is also related with royalty, prosperity and wisdom.

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So, in the end I just want to say: Add more colors to your life!!

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Do share your favorite color with us in the comments section below.

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