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How to Install WordPress Theme?

Beginner's Guide | How to Install WordPress Theme? (With Pictures)

If you want to install or wish to change the WordPress theme, the first thing you have to do, in this regard, is to access as a WP Admin.

Access as a WP Admin

There are two Methods through which you can go to WP Admin Page:

Method 1: Open WP Admin Page Directly

If you have a Business Plan, then you can open the WP Admin page directly. Go to Configure -> WP Admin.

WP Admin in Configure
WP Admin Page will open in a New Tab

Method 2: Add the Permalink

If you a Premium or Personal Plan, then you can’t open the WP Admin page through the above method.

In this method, you have to log in through your WordPress account whom which you are an admin. In a new tab write your website URL. After this add the permalink /wp-admin/.

Let me open the WP Admin page of this website with this method.

For this, I have to write – in the URL tab and add the permalink /wp-admin/ to it.

Go to Appearance -> Themes
Method 2 is for Premium or Personal Plan

If you have a Business or E-commerce Plan then you can either use Method 1 or Method 2. But, if you have a Premium or Personal Plan then you can use only Method 2.

How to Install WP Themes

There are three ways through which you can install the WordPress theme:

  1. Choose and install it from the WordPress Theme Directory, or
  2. Upload a theme that you have downloaded earlier, or
  3. Upload a theme using the FTP. (Advance)

Choose and Install from
WordPress Directory

In the WP Admin Page, go to Appearance -> Themes.


After clicking the Themes in the Appearance, you will see all the themes that you have installed so far here. You can see the currently active theme and also update to a new version of any installed themes here.

WP Admin Page overview

To install a new one, click on the Add New button on the top.

add new

Here, you can choose a theme as per your convenience. Themes are provided in the four sections.

First is Feature, in which generally 15 featured themes are provided. Second is Popular, in which all the themes that are popular in the themes directory are provided. The third is the Latest, in which all the Latest themes available on the directory are provided. Fourth is Favourites, in which you can see all the themes marked by you as Favourites.

If you know the name of the theme, then you can search it by writing the name in the Search Theme Bar.

WP Admin Page Overview
WordPress Theme Directory

However, you can also use the Feature Filter. You can search for the theme as per your Subject, Layout and Feature requirements.

After selecting all the requirements, click on Apply Filters Button. All the themes that are available as per your requirement will appear.

Filter the wordpress themes

After choosing the theme as per your requirement, you can see the details of that theme, by clicking on Details or Preview. You can Install the theme, by clicking on the Install.

Themes Details and Preview

Upload a Theme that you have
Downloaded Earlier

You can upload a theme on the WordPress Directory that you have downloaded Earlier. Simply, Go to Appearance -> Themes -> Add New -> Upload Themes

Upload a Theme

Once you click on the Upload Theme Button, Choose a .ZIP file from your Device. After selecting, Click on Install Now.

Add Themes

WordPress will an unpack and install the theme. Once the theme is successfully installed, you can either Activate the theme or see the Live Preview of the same.

Installing theme from uploaded file

Upload a Theme using the FTP

This method is, in reality, is not for beginners as it is a bit more advanced. Hence, I am not sharing this method here.

I will post the same during my Advance Guide on WordPress and provide the link of the same here.

How to Activate a Theme

Once installed, by any of the two ways, you can see it in your WP-Admin Page. Go to Appearance -> Themes. You can Preview, Activate, or Uninstall the themes from here.

Activate theme

How to Delete a Theme

There are two ways through which you can uninstall or delete the WordPress themes provided as follows:

  1. Uninstall it from the WordPress Directory, or
  2. Uninstall using FTP Manager (Advance)

Personally, I like to uninstall these themes from the WordPress Directory itself. In my opinion, it’s a simple and easy way to get rid of the unwanted themes.

Uninstall from the
WordPress Directory

In order to delete the theme from the WordPress directory, just go to Appearance -> Themes. Click on the Details & Preview on the themes that you want to uninstall. Click on the delete button to uninstall it.

Unistall from the WordPress Theme Directory

I suggest you should never delete currently active ones directly. You should switch to another one first and then delete the same.

Uninstall using FTP Manager

As I said earlier, it is a part of the Advance Guide on WordPress. Hence, I am not sharing this method here.

Anyways, I hope this Beginner’s Guide will help you to install WordPress themes.

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