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9 Apps that makes your Travel Easy


If you travel often, then there are so many applications (apps) that can make your travel easier.

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Here, the 9 apps that you should have while traveling are as follows:

Guides by Lonely Planet

The biggest difficulty that a traveler has to face is to figure out points of interest in the places he is going to visit. It’s good that there is an app to resolve that. Guides by Lonely Planet is an app that combines the points of interest with the Best in Local travel advice found in its Available City Guides.

Search the City you are going to, Open it up, and you will see the map of the city. The best part is, you can download it also for the offline use. Guides also provide the Audio Phrasebooks and Simple Bookmarking. You can save and organize your personal must-sees, like your favorite hotels, restaurants, and things to do while visiting or revisiting the city.

Out of the all 9 Apps, I highly recommend, you should consider having this app in your devices.

XE Currency

XE Currency is an app that connects the whole world through currency exchange by providing reliable exchange rates and charts. It by default provides the exchange rate of the 4 currencies, US Dollar, Euro, British Pound, and Canadian Dollar. You can add more currency by clicking on edit and adding the currency you prefer. At a single point of time, you can monitor 10 currencies of your choice.

It also provides the Currency Profile which shares the fact about the currency. In the Market Analysis section, you can see the everyday news regarding the currency. When you go offline, it saves the last updated currency exchange rates. It also provides historical charts, rate alerts and compares your provider’s price to the mid-market rate.


When you are going to a new place, it’s always great to take some advice from the people who already have visited that place. TripAdvisor is an app that provides the review, photos or the maps of the place provided by the travelers.

It can really help you find the ground reality of the place, whether the place you have searched for is worth to visit or not. TripAdvisor can help you in finding the lowest airfare, best hotels, and restaurants and things to do wherever you go. You can also download the maps and save your own reviews and photos.

Google Translate

With Google Translate, you can translate text by typing, can use a camera to translate the text available in images. You can do text translation without a data connection also. Google Translate help’s to reduce the trouble that happens due to the language barrier.

If you want to have a conversation with a person who doesn’t know your language. You can use Google Translate Conversation Mode for a two-way instant speech translation. Also, you can draw the characters or letters with your finger. Google Translate allows you to see or delete your translation history and to save translation in a phrasebook.


Uber is a peer to peer ride sharing app, which is available during daytime and night. With Uber, there is no need to worry about parking your car or to wait for an auto, a bus or a taxi. Just open the app, type in where you want to go and tap to request a ride. The app uses your device location so that your driver knows from where to pick you up.

After confirmation of the ride, you can see the driver’s name, picture, mobile number, and the vehicle details. You can even track his arrival on the map. Payment can be made by credit or debit card, gift card, cash (in selected cities), and more. After the ride, you can rate your driver and provide feedback about your ride with him. Uber will also send you the receipt of payment by email.


Airbnb is a California based online hospitality marketplace app where the house owners (called host) can list their properties and connect with potential customers. A traveler generally prefers to stay like the way the local people stays. As a traveler, you can book a home against rentals, for a solo journey, family vacation, or business trip. You can also add your experience and events to your itinerary. You can also connect with your host and get direction to your booked home.

As a host, you can showcase and share your extra space. You can also update your listing, calendar availability. You can share host guidebook, connect with travelers and manage their reservations. One has to note that the company does not get involved in these transactions beyond making the connections between the host and the traveler.

Survival Guide

Survival Guide by SusaSoftX is totally based on the U.S. Military Survival Manual FM 21-76. Being a 19 chapters guide it contains how to make shelter, basics of firecraft, how to use of the plant for survival, how to survive against the poisonous plants, how to deal with the dangerous animals, how to survive in the difficult environmental conditions, how to use the different means like Sun, Moon etc. to find the direction and much more.

If you are an Adventure Traveler then this app you must have. Survival Guide contains the text and the illustrations that one can read offline. One can also zoom to see the text or images better.

Out of all the 9 apps, I highly suggest, one should have this app, all the time, in their devices, whether they travel or not.


A life without entertainment is boring, right. Netflix is a leading subscription-based service, for watching thousands of TV episodes and movies on your devices. One month free Netflix membership offer is also available for the first time user in India and certain former users. Internet access and selection of valid payment method are required to redeem the offer.

Netflix will begin to bill your payment method for the membership fee at the end of the free month unless you cancel the same prior to the end of the first month. Netflix membership is basically a month to month subscription that you can cancel any time.

Out of all the 9 apps, it is one of the most entertaining one. (just kidding)


Zomato is an app that helps you to find a restaurant and also provides food delivery service in selected countries. Basically, it provides information and reviews on restaurants, which includes, images of menus, top dishes that people order, average costing per visit for two people with or without alcohol. These features allow you to search for restaurants as per your convenience, budget, and taste. 

With Zomato, you can also search for upcoming events, book the table to avoid the queues and order food delivery. Zomato Gold is a premium subscription-based service provided by Zomato. There are two things that Zomato gold offers, 1+1 Dish and 2+2 Drinks.

By using code SHUB28466 you can get 20% discount on the sticker price and make your Zomato gold experience even sweeter.

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How to Install any of these Apps

Are you curious, about, how to install any of these apps. Well it’s quite easy!

In your Android devices, Go to Google Play Store –> “Search”. Then type the name of the app in the search box. Then click “Install” and after installing click “Open”.


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