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Kanyakumari, 5 Unforgettable Moments in Cape Comorin


There are some trips in your life that give you unforgettable moments in your lifetime. Visiting Kanyakumari (also known as Cape Comorin) was that trip for me. I went on a long journey, with my family, way back from Bangalore to Kanyakumari via journey legs at Mysore, Kodaikanal, and Madurai.

These are the moments that will always make me visit this beautiful place again:

The Sound and Color of Water

For a person who lives in Delhi, a place which is far miles away from the oceans, staying near to the water is something that we all like.

Triveni (or TriSea) Sangam, whatever you may call it, at Kanyakumari, is the unique place which witnesses the Sangam of two seas and a bay – namely, Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal. Only with this, you can imagine the amount of water floating around this place – not available for drinking of course.

Generally, on beaches, we see the water having a single color but, due to this mixing, the water that I saw had three different shades of color. Yes, you read it right, three different shades of color.

Though it’s not my first time meeting the Arabian Sea at the beaches as I have already visited beaches, like Marina and Elliot Beach in Chennai, Juhu and Aksa beach in Mumbai. There the water stays calm and in water, you can go quite further, but, here the waves even on the normal days are so rough.

Here, it is advisable for you to stay cautious if you are going surfing or for in-depth water. Due to more and high waves the sound that I hear, cannot be expressed in words.

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Shubham Jain standing on a Beach with Klaus written on sand

Just my Family on the Whole Beach

I went to Sothavilai Beach (also known as Chotavilai Beach), with my family on a Sunday in the evening. If you ever went to the beaches, then you may know that they are usually less crowdy during the Morning. On a Sunday evening, I was expecting at least some people on that beach. But, I was surprised to see that a single person apart from our family was not on the whole beach.

This type of thing happened first time with me, maybe that was the reason I was excited. You may know that having crowd can sometimes ruin your photos, view, or even fun. For that moment, I thought that I am on a foreign land where usually we don’t see that much crowd. I suggest that you should also go to this beach during your trip to Kanyakumari.

“At a Beach, You can remove Sand from your Legs but not the Feel from your Heart” ~ Shubham Jain

Sun Rise and Sun Set Point

Kanyakumari is the only place in the country, where we can enjoy the natural phenomena of Sun Rise and Sun Set happening in the Sea. During the Sun Rise or Sun Set, at the beginning or at the end respectively, due to the Sun rays the water in the sea leading to a nice and soothing experience.

There were so many tourists or visitors out there to enjoy the view with their friends and family.

In the evening, at the Sunset point, we sat on the rocks for around 2 hours or so to enjoy the cool breeze of the sea. One of the local told me sometimes you can see the Sun Set and the Moon Rise at the same time.

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Showcasing Beach View with Rocks

Om Chanting at Vivekananda Rock Memorial

Being built in the honor of Swami Vivekananda, Vivekananda Rock Memorial is a famous tourist monument in Kanyakumari. Here, I went to a place called Dhyana Mandapam, where one can sit and do meditation. Before entering the place, you have to put your phone on silent mode.

There were so many people inside the place chanting Om. Though I regularly do meditation, here chanting Om with all, was a kind of different experience for me. Overall, it was a very mind relaxing experience, filled with goodness and serenity.

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View from the Vattakottai Fort

View from the Vattakottai Fort

A lot many people don’t know about this fort. Vattakottai Fort (also known as Circular Fort) is a seaside fort showcasing the amazing view of the sea, beach, mountain, greenery, and series of windmills. I went there and spent an hour to appreciate the view and the breeze of the sea.

Though there is nothing much to explore inside the fort itself and also it is a very small fort, the view of Kanyakumari from here can make the difference. In short, I can say that the View from here is better than the Fort.


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