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Nahargarh Fort, Backside Matters too


If you are from Jaipur, you already knew how amazing the Nahargarh Fort is. But, the thing that I like to share with you is that this fort is also amazing from the backside.

Earlier known as Sudarshan Fort, being built mainly in 1734 by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, Nahargarh Fort stands on the edge of the Aravalli hills taking care of the city of Jaipur, Rajasthan, India from the heights. From the ‘Adobe of Tigers’, one can see an amazing view of the whole of Jaipur city.

Nahargarh Fort is also a popular location of the film shooting. Some of the films shoot here inter alia includes Rang De Basanti and Jodha Akbar. It is a very extensive fort and walking around the fort is going to take time.

Now, let’s talk about the backside of this fort. I come to know about the backside of the fort long back when beautiful Shirley Setia uploaded her picture on Instagram. Her picture was so epic and perfectly shot. I too want to have a picture with that great view of the city.

Backside of Nahargarh Fort

After a month when I went to Jaipur to meet my cousin, we both go to the backside of the Nahargarh Fort. In order to create a replica of her picture, after replacing me in place of her of course, we have created a blunder, you can see it yourself.

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Shubham-Jain-is-sitting-on-the-side -wall-of-Nahargarh-Fort
Shubham Jain is sitting on the side wall of Nahargarh Fort

Since then I have visited this place a couple of times. Since fewer people know about this place or go there, this place is very less crowded, as compared to the main entrance and also you don’t have to pay any fee to visit the backside of the fort. Here you can see a lot of foreign tourists with high-resolution DSLR cameras capturing pictures of the city view.

The hardest part is to climb the mini-mountain to reach the backside of the fort. But once after reaching the top and you see the view, trust me on this, it is worth the leg pain. To make it easy, you can reach the upside of the fort from the bike also.

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Successfully Ignoring Camera at Nahargarh Fort

With having so many places to take the beautiful pictures I suggest you should go to the backside of the Nahargarh Fort with your friends.

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