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7 Tips for Traveling | So that you can Enjoy your Vacation More


In order to help you figure out how to travel with more peace of mind, enjoy the most out of your journey, I have brought my wisdom into tips for traveling. I hope they will help you to enjoy your travel more confidently.

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7 Traveling Tips

Now, the seven tips for Traveling are as follows:

Pre-Check the Weather Forecast 

About a week or before your trip, I suggest you should check the weather forecast of the place at your visiting time, as the temperature of that place, may not be similar to the place where you are currently staying.

Checking the weather forecast can give you a good idea of what types of outfits, summer clothes or winters, you have to pack, whether you need to take an umbrella or a rain court or not.

Pre-Plan your Trip and Wearing Outfits

After checking the weather forecast, I suggest you should pre-plan your whole trip and wearing outfits, subject to the result of the forecasting of the weather, simultaneously for each day. Planning your trip and all of the outfits can reduce a lot of your stress. Hereby all of your outfits, I really do mean all. Plan what you are going to visit during the day on your trip and what outfits you are going to wear during that day.

One way is to make the list day wise and save the whole list in your mail or in your phone’s notes for future reference. You don’t have to be specific but to have a loose idea of what day you are going to wear what.  

Before making the list I suggest you should share your trip plan and take into consideration the advice of your local relatives or acquaintances, who have already visited the place, about which place you should visit, where and what to eat, and shop. Since they can tell you the highlights of the place, better than any other person.

You should always prefer to travel light, not to carry anything that is not necessary to take. Trust me on this, people don’t care about the dress, but they do care about the view.

Keep an open mind. Never go with a rigid plan. Keep in mind, all travel plans are bound to change at the last minute and the best way is to enjoy the experience and adapt as per the new circumstances.

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View Point in Karnataka

Always have an Extra Day in hand

While making the plan, always keep an extra day in hand. Generally, bad moments or bad things happen suddenly, “Its always good to prepare yourself for the worst”. If anything goes wrong during the trip, having an extra day in hand can save you from unwanted stress and expenses.

Like when the Ex-CM of Tamil Nadu died, I was in Kodaikanal (hill station of Tamil Nadu). After the words are spread, people used to close their shop out of respect. One day the whole Tamil Nadu was closed including all the sightseeing places at the Kodaikanal.

Thanks for having an extra day, I was able to see that beautiful place more. Otherwise, I have to go to my next destination and leaving the Kodaikanal behind.

Apart from this, an extra day can help you to bounce back and can make you ready for your return to your hectic life.

Travel during Weekdays or Offseason

This helps me to discover more out of a place and also make me happy with the quiet and peace around. Also during weekends or during the season, due to high demand, the prices may increase of the Hotels, foods, and of shopping. Apart from this, sometimes more crowd may spoil your fun.

Book your Tickets Early

I am not saying this if you have sudden plans, but if you already know that after 2 or 3 months you have to go somewhere to explore. It’s advisable to book your tickets early so that you can get a flight at cheap prices.   While booking tickets you should keep in mind that most of the airlines in India do allow maximum free check-in baggage of 15 kgs and maximum free hand baggage of 7 kgs including laptops.  

If you are looking for long-haul flight tickets, I suggest, instead of looking for direct tickets from A to B, do check for A to B via C. You may get a better deal and end up visiting one more place. It is advisable to use a valid coupon or promo code or search for discounts wherever possible to reduce the traveling cost and also to have travel insurance.

Take Backup of Photos

Our phones can store years of memories, but they’re also fragile. One wrong fall and all those memories will disappear in an instant. That’s why always have a backup of the photos that you have clicked during your trip.

One way is that you can auto-sync your photos to either to photo-specific backup tools like Google Photos or too generic cloud storage tools like Google Drive or Samsung Clouds or Microsoft OneDrive.

Carry the Following

Always carry at least the following things when you are going on a trip:

  • Emergency Cash – For the trip, I suggest, you should carry emergency cash of approximately ₹10,000/- or more.
  • Soft Copies of your Passport and ID proofs -Scan or take the photos of all your original ID proofs and, especially Passport if you are traveling abroad, and mail it to self.

  • First Aid Kit – Always carry a basic First Aid Kit handy. It is a must to carry thing if you are going on an adventurous trip.
  • Power bank – You should carry your charged power bank for the trip, as many times in the hour of greatest need we do not have plug points to charge the battery of our phone with the help of charger.
  • Extra Battery for Camera – If you love to take photographs from your camera and don’t want to miss capturing any moment, then I suggest you should carry an extra battery for your camera.

Bonus Tips that can do wonders

Apart from the above 7 proven tips, there are some bonus tips provided below that can do wonders : 

  • Separate your Personal Items  Some things don’t mix well – Like Rajnikant and the Laws of Physics. While traveling in a group, keeping your personal items separate not only helps you reduce problems, it also greatly simplifies things and makes it easy to manage.

  • Keep frequently used items handy – A practice that has often worked well for me is that I used to keep the frequently used items handy. Trust me on this, it can save a lot of your time and reduce your stress.
  • Shop for what the place is Famous for – If possible, you should shop what is famous for the place you are visiting, as street market or flea markets may have the good quality stuff. While traveling or exploring the city with the local souvenirs you can find some amazing treasures.

I hope aforesaid tips may help you to enjoy your vacations more and you can explore a great many places more comfortably and with less stress.  


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