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Kanatal | A Hidden Gem of Uttarakhand


If you are a traveler and love to explore new places with your friends, Kanatal should be on your watch list. Being an unexplored place, Kanatal is a perfect weekend gateway for those who are looking for peace and adventure at the same time.

Kanatal is like bliss for those who want to take a break from the hustle of the city. Located at an altitude of 2,590 meters (nearly 8,500 feet), Kanatal is a small village in the state of Uttarakhand, India. It is on the Chamba – Mussoorie road, and also connected to Delhi (Capital of India) via road. If you love adventure, there are many options available in and near Kanatal.

What You can do in Kanatal

You can do trekking for 5-6 km in the Kodai Jungle. Being a habitat of wildlife orchids, blessed with amazing views of surrounding hills and valley, this place is like a paradise for photographers and wildlife lovers. Jeep safari is also available to visit the jungle.  

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You can also plan camping with your friends, it is something that we all want to do. Bonfire, barbecue, games, and stargazing are some of the highlights of the night camping and doing all this with your friends, makes it more special and memorable.

 Thanks to the amazing scenic valleys, valley crossing is one of the most breathtaking things to do in Kanatal. One has to cross an 80 ft deep valley by using ropes, trust me on this, it can really give you a heart attack. 

If you want to try something different, you can do bridge crossing, believe me, it’s not at all easy as it seems. Your back is going to attach with the harness which to further going to link with the rope, it’s not a big deal unless someone else is also crossing the bridge ahead of you which may lead to dis-balancing. 

 Last, but not least, is rock climbing and rappelling. The natural hilly cliff and good rocky outcrops of the Kanatal are perfect for rock climbing and rappelling.  

If you are planning for an adventure-filled trip with your friends or want to have a corporate outing, then trying out these activities at Kanatal will be a great stress buster.   


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